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Drone Compliance | Drone Operations | Drone Doctrine

Strategic Planning

360 planning and delivery

We have years of experience working with national aviation regulators to provide doctrine that enables companies to operate safely and efficiently within a high compliance environment. We have a successful history of delivering comprehensive solutions to the military, oil & gas and mining industries. Leveraging our unique knowledge of the regulatory system and expertise in advanced sensors and data analysis we are able to deliver innovative solutions to even the most challenging of situations.

Geo-spatial Services 

Quality capture, analysis & mapping

Geospatial analysis and modelling capabilities cover the range of advanced spatial, 3D and analytical services, including:

  • spatial data analysis – for geographical, geophysical, geotechnical and relationship analysis 

  • 2D spatial analysis – constraints analysis, environmental mapping and route and site selection

  • 3D spatial analysis – terrain and other surface creation, surface analysis including viewshed or line-of-sight, hillshade, slope, cut and fill volume, contour and cross sections.


Stay CASA compliant with automated reporting, regulatory policy updates and a experienced team to assist with any flight changes.


Reduce your risk with oversight, advice and mission approval  form our experienced chief pilot.


Use our CASA approved manuals in your operations - saving you from creating and up keep of your own company manuals of paying for the ReOc. 


We track all of your equipment - create logbooks, monitor batteries, send service alerts to keep your operations running smoothly, warn you of servicing requirements and manage your defects log.


We will automatically keep a record of all your logbook hours, drone flight time, equipment maintenance and more for CASA compliance


Our team of Chief Remote Pilots and Maintenance Controllers can provide advice, solutions, training and can act as a drone specialist on your upcoming project. 


Online Operational Release System designed to reduce risk and adhere to CASA drone regulations and safety requirements. 


With our easy to use flight planning app you can plan your missions, check airspace and access NOTAMS all in one place.  


With our easy to use flight planning app you can plan your missions, check airspace and access NOTAMS all in one place.  

Coming soon!

Drone Training

Whether you currently fly drones or it's your first time, we deliver a comprehensive training to assist you in obtaining your ReOC certification. 


We provide exclusive team-specific training for all clients flying under our license - this ensures a continuously high standard of UVA pilots in adherance to the CASA requirements.

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We will advised you of upcoming training and promotions.


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Strategic Planning Tailored to Your Industry

We provide an array of planning and solutions to meet your business objectives through our aviation expertise, geospatial services and strategic planning.

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