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Providing strategic planning and geo-spatial services and solutions designed to provide key insights, risk mitigation and enhanced efficiency through drone surveying, geo-spatial services and solutions, drone mapping, image processing.

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A helicopter pilot, GIS specialist & weapons systems officer

Combine their unique skill set to deliver Technical Drone Services.

Swan Drone Services is backed with over 20 years of aviation and geographical expertise. We pride ourselves on providing Strategic Planning and Geospatial Services to the Agriculture, Mining, Oil & Gas and Search & Rescue Industries.

Our team of experienced professional pilots and sensor operations pride ourselves on our aviation expertise and experience.  With over twenty years experience in global aviation we are confident in delivering comprehensive solutions to even the most technically challenging scenario. Qualified drone operators, helicopter pilots, airborne sensor operators, and GIS specialists we will deliver high quality results every time. No project is too big or small, our qualified project managers will assist you all the way.

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What we do

Regulation and Technology Experts

Mountain Drone

Strategic Planning

360 planning and delivery

We have years of experience working with national aviation regulators to provide doctrine that enables companies to operate safely and efficiently within a high compliance environment. We have a successful history of delivering comprehensive solutions to the military, oil & gas and mining industries. Leveraging our unique knowledge of the regulatory system and expertise in advanced sensors and data analysis we are able to deliver innovative solutions to even the most challenging of situations.

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Quality capture, analysis & mapping

Geospatial analysis and modelling capabilities cover the range of advanced spatial, 3D and analytical services, including:

  • spatial data analysis – for geographical, geophysical, geotechnical and relationship analysis 

  • 2D spatial analysis – constraints analysis, environmental mapping and route and site selection

  • 3D spatial analysis – terrain and other surface creation, surface analysis including viewshed or line-of-sight, hillshade, slope, cut and fill volume, contour and cross sections.

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Technical Aviation Specialists


Emergency Response

Oil & Gas


Strategic Planning Tailored to Your Industry

We provide an array of planning and solutions to meet your business objectives through our aviation expertise, geospatial services and strategic planning.

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Meet the Team

Our technical expertise and state of the art software provide tailored solutions to current issues facing the emergency response, mining, oil & gas and agricultural industries.


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