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Employing drone mapping and analytics to improve efficiency and yield, and assist with research and development

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Tailored solutions to 

Assist with effective resource allocation 

  • Field reporting 

  • Crop insurance 

  • Research

  • Row Crops 

  • Specialty Crops 


  • see trends in the relative health of your crops

  • identify growth, disease, drought, and pests

  • capture data over the entire farm

  • reduce time and costs associated with crop data collection

  • crop health analysis

  • growth trends

  • count and size plants

  • generate prescription maps 

  • identify early indicators of plan stress

  • measure zonal efficiency of the farm

  • Improved farming outcomes – plant and animal

We are here to help, let’s chat to see how we can use drones to achieve your farming goals 

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Strategic Planning

& Geospatial Services

Tailored to Your Industry

We provide an array of planning and solutions to meet your business objectives through our aviation expertise, geospatial services and strategic planning.

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Our technical expertise and state of the art software provide tailored solutions to current issues facing the emergency response, mining, oil & gas and agricultural industries.

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